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The current County Commission are all members of one political party, but they do not represent the voices of the community, nor do they enact policies reflecting our conservative values. Why are there frequent tax increases and bonds in our County? Why are crime rates still on the rise year-after-year? Why is our school system so fragmented and confused? Why are some districts excluded from affordable housing? How are the politicians managing our funds? There are three answers to these questions. First, these political tycoons are managing money with money. Second, we the voters have been unconsciously and repeatedly voting them in every two-year without cross-examination. Third, the voices and values of proven governance have been ignored and replaced with tolerance nuance. We need to restore the missing links of effective and efficient governance such as governmental responsibility and accountability, family values, human dignity, protection of the unborn children, and the celebrated uniqueness and distinctions between man and woman. These current political syncretisms do not exemplify our conservative values nor are they beneficial and productive for our innocent children both at CMS and our communities. As a father of young children, I believe that we need representatives who are ready and willing to enact policies that epitomize our faith and values. And as a servant of God, I will engage the faith community to pray for our country, state, and county both for the healing of our land and for godly governance (1 Tim. 2:1-2; Prov. 14:34; 2 Chron. 7:14; Jam. 5:13-15).
I am humbled to announce that I was nominated to run for the District 3 County Commissioner seat. I will be honored to represent your Voices and your Values on the County Commission! Please consider voting for me in order to foster these valuable changes in the County. I am a committed conservative, hence I ask for your faith-based support to take back District 3. I will fight so that your voices are heard, and I will fight for your values to be enacted. I am asking you to inform your family, friends, and neighbors that there is a conservative candidate on the ballot for District 3. Early voting starts Oct. 15th thru Oct. 31st; Election Day is Nov. 3rd!!









Friday Okure for County Commissioner

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