About Me!

My name is Friday Paul Okure, I have been a resident of Mecklenburg County for the past 22 years. I have a lovely wife, Abigail Okure (22 years), and three precious children that God has blessed us to be their parents and guardians. I grew up in a conservative Christian household and often received the “ancient types” parental love and discipline designed to teach children and youth responsibility and accountability. My father was a Church deacon and a palm kernel entrepreneur. My parents have never held any elected position but my dad was often appointed to fill local government vacancies due to his high moral values and unbiased servitude to the community. As a young boy I was always his “unofficial personal assistant,” serving the community with him, and listening as government delegates deliberated on the welfare and developments of the residents and the community. This upbringing has been a great motivation to me as I leap into the trend by serving the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community shortly after my arrival from Nigeria. I enrolled at CPCC in 1999 and soon became a senator to the Student Government Association (SGA), serving on the CPCC Foundation and representing the students’ voices and values and needs. I am also serving with pride, our seniors and residents in Assisted Living, Crisis Assistance, Faith community, and our youths in various entities and programs, including YMCA, The Relatives, Junior Achievement, AYSO, Lads To Leaders & Leaderettes, and the CMS. I enjoy an innovative lifestyle and have acquired degrees and certifications in various fields, including Exercise Science (AAS; BS), Ministerial studies/ Seminary (BA), New Testament Studies (MA - ABTH), Project Management, Behavioral Health, Sports Coaching & Officiating (certificates & diplomas). For the past 10 years, I have served the Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents by ensuring that voters experience a free and fair elections. As you can see from my history and experience, I am your true representation for your Voices and Values as a District 3 County Commissioner. Thank you for your supports and your votes!
God has blessed us here in Mecklenburg with great community members: relatives, neighbors, friends and men and women of faith that love the Lord and support each other. Hence, empowering the family has always been one of my tireless efforts both in my ministry as a Minister and my social and political life to remind and re-share the core values of the family. And having known this County for the said years, I have seen and heard and observed and experienced that our love for the family is a shared value. Although it may seem like the family is the smallest unit of government in our society, yet it has the determination and dominating character of a mustard seed. Such that when each family unites together and loves and supports each other, we are guaranteed a powerful and prosperous Community, City and County. In turn we enjoy a safe Community, strong economy, quality & holistic education, and avoid unnecessary raising of taxes. This is one of the links that I found missing in our current political representation and therefore I accepted the nomination to represent you as a conservative County Commissioner from District 3.
I know that this is coming at a time where the World, our Nation, and our County is deprecated by an unknown, unexpected and uninvited Virus known as COVID-19, yet together, as a family and a united community we shall overcome and become stronger, Thus, our senior citizens, veterans and children, as a group is my other committed entity to empower and encourage and ensure we meet the demands of their health, safety, and quality of life. As a regular volunteer with both the youth and the senior citizens, and having served both populations 12 and 5 years respectively in a professional role, I know and shared in both their concerns and needs, especially with the current unpredictable crisis. Providing an expedient and unbiased service to my community and/ or clients based on approved criteria have always been my priority serving this group and the family unit above. Also as a regular CMS volunteer and a parent of CMS students, I know and hear and observe your concerns, fears, and reasonable voices. I know that from the time our kids leave for school our hearts are restless until they return safely. I know what it means to rush home from work just to ensure that you arrived home before the school bus dropped the kids off, I know about Daycare, and the cost, etc. I know about struggling to make a decision between food on the table versus paying certain outstanding bills - I am in your shoes; I am one of you (us). Trusting me with your votes and support to represent you in the County Commission District 3 seat, will probably be the first time we have a true representation. I take this obligation and your trust very seriously, therefore I solicit your prayers, support, and limitless inputs, because I need them in order to represent our shared values and voices.
Affordable Housing and Business advancement are other areas of my commissionership commitment to you. First, I agree with you that District 3 has been robbed on affordable housing even though we’re paying our share of the taxes. I will present our case to the other members of the Commission and fight for results that not only grant housing to those who are qualified, but consider building some units within District 3, so that those who are qualified do not need to leave the Community, friends, and neighbors whom they have known and loved for years, to go and live in a strange community in their later years in life. More importantly, I listened to your voices of concerns and fears of losing your houses as the county is growing. My commissionership will ensure that the commission commits to policies that guarantee home owners that they will not lose their homes against their will as the City/ County is growing and developing. Also supporting economic growth and business advancement will be a continuous melody. Business advancement and support for small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially community businesses and businesses that hired Mecklenburg residents will always have my backing.  
These values and voices, among others are the areas that I am committed to, and ask you to trust me to represent you from District 3 before the County Commission. But I cannot achieve these tasks alone. I need your prayers, your supports, and your limitless inputs. And I am also asking for your financial donations of any amount: $5, $10, $30, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, and up to $5,400 per person ($10,800 for a couple) is allowed by Campaign Finance law.

Please donate at my website: ​www.voteforfriday.com​, or email: ​friday@voteforfriday.com​, or fpjokure5@gmail.com
Remember, your vote has values: vote between Right and Wrong, not between Left and Right!
Thank you and God bless!! Friday Okure for County Commissioner, District 3!!!



Friday Okure for County Commissioner

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